Get More Leads for your Home Services Business…

Get More Leads for your Home Services Business…

Without having to learn about online marketing or deal with a tech nerd – by using our proven 3-step system!

Russell Parry - Lead Generation Consultant


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There is no wizard behind the curtain – our process is simple, firstly we…


Fix Your Website

Okay maybe your website isn’t broken – all the info is there and it doesn’t crash etc… but that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s working as well as it could. As much as you want your site to have lots of shiny moving sliders, sexy images and looking real pretty… at the end of the day, if it’s not converting your visitors into customersIt’s a waste of time!

There is usually one (or a combination) of these 4 REASONS why a visitor will bounce off your site and go to a competitor…


The average attention span of an online user these days is that of a goldfish. If any of your pages have that spinning egg timer or beach ball of death in the corner, your visitor is only 3 or 4 seconds away from jumping ship. It’s also important to note that most searches are now done on a phone, so if the mobile version of your site is clunky and awkward, your user will likely get frustrated and be swiping happy on your competitor’s site within two shakes of a lamb’s tail.


For example… You said on a flyer, on social media or in an online ad that you were a domestic electrician who can do small jobs. They go to your site and find out that you focus mainly on large commercial projects. It’s not what they were looking for and you have wasted their time – they close your website frustrated and continue their search.


As slick as your website is and as beautiful as your images of your fancy office, branded vans and funky logo may be… if there is no social proof (customer reviews) – they just don’t believe you are the real deal. When looking for home services, customers will choose a business with positive reviews from previous customers over a fancy website pretty much every time.


This may seem like a strange one but humans are more likely to do anything in life if you actually ask them. Would you order the more expensive special in a restaurant, supersize your fries in McDonalds or try a taster in the supermarket if you weren’t asked – probably not! My point here is that most home services websites are nothing more than online brochures for the business… info about the company, the history and their services etc. There is rarely a clear call to action – if you want the customer’s details, don’t be afraid to ask for it… Put a lead capture box and a phone number on every page and give them a reason to take action now!

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Once we have turned your website into a conversion machine that reliably turns visitors into leads, let’s now…

Rank Page 1

“What’s the best place to hide a dead body? 2nd page of Google”… Cheesy I know, but you get the analogy! Think about your own search behaviour – when was the last time you ventured to page two when looking for a product or service? For me, never… unless I’m looking for something very specific that I don’t see in the first ten results. For home services specifically, customers rarely scroll past the top 3-5 listings. They see those ranked in the top half of page one as the trusted businesses in their local area and will more often than-not, end up hiring one of those to do the job.

So how does Google decide who should be on that first page? Here are 3 KEY FACTORS their algorithm looks at when ranking websites…


Although we all see Google as some kind of online public service these days (as it’s so widely used), we forget that it’s a private business. They have a reputation to uphold and making sure their users have a good experience is their number one priority. For Google, this is simple – give the searcher what they asked for! Presenting websites on the first page that are not relevant to what the user typed in just causes frustration and distrust in the quality of the search engine. If you access any website through Google, (as scary as it is) your every move and behaviour is monitored… how long you spend on each page, the speed you scroll each page, where you click, and so on. If they see you are not engaged in one of the results they have presented and you jump off (for one of the reasons we mentioned earlier) – that’s a negative flag which will hurt the website ranking for that particular keyword… On the flip side – the more engaged you are, the more that helps the ranking.


So this is where it gets a bit more technical… But in fear of losing you as a visitor on this site, I won’t bore to death talking about URL strings, canonicals, silos, metas, 301 redirects, anchor text, keyword density, and other ‘pins in eyes’ type stuff – this is for the tech nerds to take care of. All you need to know is that having your website properly structured behind the scenes and optimised for the search engines (SEO) is crucially important if you want to rank on Google’s first page. No high level home service job is delivered without carefully detailed and intrinsic pipework, wiring, plastering or joinery – building a website that delivers results is no different… it requires planning and technical expertise.


Google also analyses the network of links that point to your website. A link is a word or image on another site that when clicked re-directs to yours. Quantity of inbound links is no longer as important as it used to be, the algorithm is now more heavily weighted towards rewarding quality. For example… Your ranking position within the search engine is likely to be higher if you have a couple of links from the ‘Home and Garden’ section on the sites of the BBC and The Guardian rather than 50 random links from untrusted and unrelated websites. The trust of the source is important, as is the relevance of the content where the link comes from. Of course these links are not easy to obtain – we can’t all get a recommendation from the BBC overnight, which is why Google gives so much value to these links and rewards your website accordingly with higher ranking.

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We need to be patient for the results from the second step, but let’s not wait around – let’s get things moving and…

Drive Instant Traffic

So you now have a website that is well structured, you have a bunch of quality links from relevant content pointing towards it and it’s well designed for converting visitors into hot leads… but as good SEO takes time, that organic wave of hungry customers is a still a few months away. We want leads and we want them now! Of course, we could do some old school marketing… knock on some doors, cold call some people or post out some flyers, but we know in this new digital age, that’s far from efficient. When somebody wants something done in their home these days, they open their laptop, tablet or phone and Google the “best electrician London” or “emergency plumbers near me” – this is where Google Ads comes in.

We want your website to be in the top few results on the page for these ‘buying keywords’. These customers are not just doing a bit of idle research – they are most likely in the market right now and will hire someone in the next 24hrs. Google Ads is a complex technical platform and unfortunately many home services businesses who try it themselves see very little success. Why? Not because the platform is no good… but they just have no clue what they are doing! – why would they? They are tradesman, not digital marketing experts. Google Ads is a very powerful tool that is guaranteed to get you leads fast… Will you need to spend some money on ads? Of course, but what’s important is that you are acquiring leads at a cost that is profitable to you!

Start Free 14 Day Trial Now!

Our PROVEN 3-STEP LEAD GENERATION SYSTEM has worked for tons of other home services businesses in the UK and is GUARANTEED to work for your company too! If you want more inbound leads, click the blue button to start your 14 Day Free Trial!


What Do I Get During The 14 Day Free Trial?

In the first week, we do 3 things… 1. Help you create a unique offer that will convert your website visitors to leads. 2. Use that hook as sales copy in optimising your home page or create a new landing page. 3. Create 1 x PPC (pay-per-click) campaign on either Facebook or Google Ads and drive some traffic to your business. The second week, we wait for the leads to come in. To be clear, this free trial does not include your marketing budget that is paid directly to Facebook or Google. We recommend you have a budget of around £280 for the trial (£20 per day) if you want to see some results.

What Do You Charge After The Trial?

£150 per week. Our pricing is very transparent, there is no negotiation and no hidden fees. Regardless of the size of your business, our costs are exactly the same. Although there is a lot of work we do upfront, we don’t front load the costs – you just pay the same each week by standing order or automatic billing with credit/debit card.

Does This Include My Marketing Budget?

No. This is the service cost to do the work for you. Any budget you want to spend within the Google Ads platform is extra and will be paid to Google direct (We would recommend that you have at least another £140-£210 per week marketing budget if you want fast results).

Is There A Fixed Contract?

No. We don’t lock clients into daunting long term contracts. We are confident in the quality of our work and believe that if you are happy with what we are doing, you will stay with us anyway.

When Will I See Results?

It can take 3-6 months to see organic ranking results from the SEO which is why we launch paid ads straight away. We can get an ads campaign up and running within a week, so you can expect leads within 2 weeks.

Who Is Actually Doing The Work?

We have a small team of technicians who will carry out the website changes, content cultivation, link building and ad campaign creation. All your communication will be with one person though, the business owner – Russ.

Do You Work With Websites Built On All Platforms?

No. We work with WordPress sites only. This is our area of expertise and the platform where we know how to get the best results. If your website is built on Wix, Weebly, Squarespace or any other platform, then unfortunately we won’t be a good fit. If you still really want to work with us, we can build you a new website on WordPress or build you a separate landing page or sales funnel.

Can You Work With More Than One Of The Same Trade In Each City or Town?

No. We are focussed on getting the best results for our clients and we don’t want them to be competing with each other. For example, we will only work with one plumber in Newcastle and one electrician in Manchester (unless you have specialised services of course). If we already have someone from your trade in your area, we can’t work with you unfortunately – first come first served basis.

Okay I Want More Leads And Want To Take The Free 14 Day Trial … How Do I Start?

Fill in your details below and hit the blue button – Russ will be in touch to book in your phone/video consultation… This will be a 15-20min chat about your company and your goals and expectations. We also use this time to create a unique offer for your business and explain step by step how the 14 day trial works. We look forward to working together and getting you a steady flow of inbound leads… Speak soon!

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“After a 10 year career in the motor industry… tired of working long and unsociable hours in the grey and gloomy North West of England, I decided to move to pastures new – The destination was Barcelona and the vocation was digital marketing. I worked 3 years as a consultant in a boutique agency, building and ranking websites for SMEs in the UK and USA, before taking an opportunity working for Google. There I spent a year as a Google Ads Strategist before transitioning to manage a team of Digital Transformation Specialists – consulting UK businesses on how to grow their revenue using products from the Google Suite. With the knowledge and skills gained, I decided to launch my own personal project – helping the business owners who I feel need the most support in the UK, and working with the type of people I resonate with most – the working class entrepreneur… Blue Collar Chimp was born”

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